About Us

About Auren

Auren was founded in 2015 by English Photographer and Art Director Kate Rodgers. Through her interest in photography, art, design and fashion, she launched Auren to create fashion items that are informed by art, have personal value yet are playful and vivacious. With an emphasis on colour, we design gemstone jewellery with a distinguished aesthetic that reinterprets classic design for modern women of all ages.

‘I believe that art & fashion are exciting platforms revealing the creativity and complexity of the human spirit’.

Kate Rodgers

Now based in Milan, Kate has always been inspired by the culture and history that surrounds Jewellery. Kate studied Fine Art at Central St. Martin’s School of Art in London. She graduated to work as a Photographer & later an Art Director with some of the worlds most recognized brands & publications including Vogue, GQ, V Magazine, Burberry & Vivienne Westwood.  Seeing up close the craftsmanship and creativity involved in garment making at some of the most revered ateliers’ ultimately inspired the launch of her own Jewellery label Auren.

Our values:

We believe in the power of colour to uplift and to transform.

We are a team of people making jewellery with the purpose to inspire the chameleon in you. We love colour, thinking about how to add that personal touch of self- expression. In a fast paced changing world where we are often redefining ourselves, we say, have some fun with it whatever your age, whenever you can.

‘We believe in nurturing talent and traditional handmade craftsmanship’.

Our jewellery is entirely handmade with a focus on custom developed gemstone shapes, cut by hand and set into sterling silver with 18 carat gold vermeil plating. Ethical standards are at the forefront of our work and we source our gemstones from conflict free mines. Close working relationships are the backbone of our business and we are a team of people who share a love and passion for jewellery craftsmanship.