Amazonite is mined in Brazil and aptly takes its name from the Amazon river. A variety of the feldspar mineral, Its pastel blue green colour is textured with white flecks and is usually opaque in appearance, proving to be a perfect compliment to gold vermeil. Known as a talisman of prosperity and good fortune, amazonite is said to attract luck and enhance creativity.


Amethyst is a variety of quartz which occurs in large geodes within volcanic rock, in a range of purple shades from very light to dark. Ours is mined in Espirito Santo in Brazil. Amethyst is the February birthstone, thought to have protective properties. It is considered sacred to Buddha in Tibet, and in ancient Roman and Greek mythology wearing the stone was believed to ward off the effects of alcohol, and keep the wearer clear headed and quick-witted.

Aqua Chacledony

Chalcedony is a microcrystalline form of quartz with a lustrous, opaque appearance. It's found in a variety of soft colours from green aqua to sky blue, affected by trace elements & mineals running through it. Chalcedony is known as a symbol of harmony, said to balance our mind, body, spirit & emotions and absorb negative energy.

Arizona Turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque, blue to green mineral, which is rare and valuable in finer grades because of it's inimitable hue. Worn by Aztecs, Ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Persians, it first reached Europe via the silk route from Turkey, where it's name derives from. Ours is mined in Arizona. The Birthstone for December, Turquoise is thought to purify and protect, and is known as a symbol of friendship and creativity.

Blue Chalcedony

Chalcedony is a microcrystalline form of quartz with a lustrous, opaque appearance. It's found in a variety of soft colours from green aqua to sky blue, affected by trace elements & mineals running through it. Chalcedony is known as a symbol of harmony, said to balance our mind, body, spirit & emotions and absorb negative energy.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is a highly valued silicate mineral who’s name derives from the Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ which means fire, reflecting the high refractive index and hardness of the stone. Widely recognised as a symbol for love, Blue Topaz is the birthstone for December, and aligned with the Third Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra it is also thought to enhance communication and promote self expression.


Carnelian is burnt orange variety of chalcedony, and has been used make jewellery since the 4th Millennium BC. Called ‘The Setting Sun’ by ancient Egyptians, who wore it as a symbol of leadership and courage. It is still recognised a talisman for success, and is said to attract prosperity.


Chrysoprase is a variant of chalcedony who's vibrant green colour is naturally occurring, cause by nickel running through the porous rock. First used In ancient Greece, and worn by Cleopatra, chrysoprase was associated with the pursuit of truth and hope, and is known as a symbol of innovation, believed to bring inspiration to it's wearer.


Citrine is a transparent golden yellow variety of quartz who's colour occurs do to ferric impurities in the rock. This bright shining gem takes it's name from the french word 'citron' meaning 'lemon'. It is known to be a spiritually cleansing gemstone, and is the birthstone for November, said to attract wealth and prosperity. Ours is mined in Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.


Crystal is the most pure, translucent quartz variety, a natural form of silicon dioxide. Associated with the Crown Chakra, it is said to amplify energy and thought, and to revitalise and bring the body into balance. Crystal, alongside diamond and white topaz are April Birthstones.


Diamonds are the hardest natural substance found on our planet. They possess inimitable sparkle and allure, making them the most highly valued of all gemstones. First mined in India over 3000 years ago, diamonds are known as a symbol of strength, invincibility and energy.


Emeralds are a precious variety of the mineral beryl with an inimitable vibrant green colouring. The May birthstone, Emeralds symbolise faith, equilibrium and consciousness. They are coveted world over, and have been popular in Europe since Cortez brought them back from his Latin American voyages of discovery.


Garnet is a deep red silicate mineral whose name derives from the Latin word Granatum, which means 'Pomegranate'. It is January's birthstone, associated with fire and passion, and said to have cleansing and protective properties, and to light up the night to protect travellers.


Iolite is a form of the mineral Cordierite, with a purple tinged navy transparent appearance. Its name derives from the Greek word Ios, meaning 'violet'. Legend has is that ancient Viking's used thin slices of iolite to locate the sun when navigating, earning it the nickname 'viking's compass', due to its polarizing filter qualities. One of the more expensive semi precious gemstones, it is associated with vision clarity and power.


Labradorite is a mesmerising, iridescent stone from Madagascar. It can be grey, grey-black or brown in its base colour, with beautiful blue and green metallic flashes. The light dispersion that you can see around the stone as it moves is due to the crystal lattice structure and internal fractures within the mineral, which makes the light bounce around.


Lapis Lazuli is a vivid blue metamorphic rock, prized for it's intense colour.First mined in the 7th century, it has been used in jewellery for thousands of years. The Romans and Greeks awarded it for bravery, and during the Renaissance it was powdered to make ultramarine pigment for painting. Lapis Lazuli is thought to have strong medicinal properties, promote self awareness, and be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Lemon Topaz

Lemon Topaz is a transparent and bright variant of quartz, fresh yellow hued with green undertones, which occurs naturally. A crisp, sparkling gemstone, it is believed to reinforce inner strength and impart courage.


Moonstone is a fascinating stone that really does look like it's from another planet. The stone is named after 'Moonshine' due to its white iridescent sheen. Sourced in Madagascar, our moonstone is faceted to reflect the light. As it is moved, a blue sheen becomes visible which can vary in strength and gives the stone its ethereal quality.


Sometimes called the ‘Tears of God’, pearls have been revered for millennia, and are June’s birthstone. Unique, since they are the only gemstone formed within a living creature, pearls have long been associated with fortune, innocence and good luck. Ours are Japanese freshwater pearls.


Peridot is a silicate mineral unique in colour, a distinctive fresh green with lime tones. It is the Birthstone for August, and is thought to have cleansing and renewing properties. In ancient times it was said to heighten intuition and symbolize new beginnings.


Ruby is a precious variety of the mineral corundum. For centuries it has been associated with Royalty, and has been used to create some of the most opulent and valuable jewellery on every continent throughout history. It is the Birthstone for July, and is associated with integrity, passion and leadership.


Sapphires are the second hardest mineral after diamonds. Although best known for their vivid blue colour, they occur in many colours including yellows, pinks and greens. Ours are mined in Sri Lanka and Eastern Australia. Sapphires have a historical affiliation with royalty and are symbols of strength and prosperity as well as a birthstone for September.

Smoky Topaz

Smoky Topaz is an earth-toned transparent stone that comes in a variety of shades, from cognac to dark brown. It is a hard silicate mineral with aluminium and fluorine content and is the national gemstone of Scotland. Smoky Topaz is thought to have a calm relaxing effect, associated with positivity, intuition and serenity and often used in meditation practices.

Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst is a variety of quartz whose colour occurs when purple amethyst metamorphasizes due to heat. So it is usually found deeper underground. Said to magnify energy, Green Amethyst is associated with good luck and intuition. Ours is mined in Brazil.

Ruby Quartz

Ruby Quartz is a quartzite metamorphic rock found in mountain regions. Ours comes from the Indian Himalayas. It is a porous stone with a textured appearance, dyed to achieve the vibrant colour. Quartz is a talisman of the heart chakra, thought to have restorative properties.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz isa silicon dioxide crystal which has a translucent pale pink appearance. It is associated with the heart chakra and thought to carry a feminine energy, representing compassion, love and peace. It has traditionally been important in Tibetan and Oriental cultures, and has been exchanged as a token of love since 600 B.C.